1. Hi Kerri, could you perhaps give us a synopsis of who you are and what you do?

KERRI: I have created a comprehensive protocol for healing the symptoms known as autism. It is a step by step process that begins with a clean diet and then we begin to eradicate pathogens and toxins from the body.

2. I would like to get your take on autism, please. What is autism, does it manifest with the same symptomatology in everyone? Are children born with it or is it an acquired disorder? Is it curable?

KERRI: Autism begins with a weak immune system and then we have a dysbiosis with a pathogen over load.
It is curable in some cases. But, all cases can have improvement. You will never know unless you try. Some are born with it and some acquire it in the first 2 years of life. Either way we treat it the same and the success is the same. We always have improvement and in some cases recovery.

3. Could a child born healthy develop autism later on in his life, are there any examples of such cases?

KERRI: Of course, this happens all the time. Most all of the kids I work with are born perfect. then over the first 24 months of life succumb to autism. I would say that 99% of them are like this.

If yes, what do you think are the triggers for ‘regressive autism’?

KERRI: Some people say vaccines. This is not an argument that I wish to have. There are others who have science and can argue the point. For me, I focus on recovery…where we are today and what we have to do to get to where we need to be.

4. We know that there may be many different causes for any given diease, and autism is no different in that sense I presume. Vaccines are regarded as one of the triggers for autism in kids, but are all kids who are vaccinated at risk for autism do you think?

Exactly. Not all kids I work with are vaccinated and they have autism. So, I do not take up the fight against vaccines. Nor am I pro vaccines. But, this is not my fight.

Or children with leaky gut, or with allergies, are they all at risk for developing autism?

KERRI: Which came first the chicken or the egg? We are not born with leaky gut. It gets damaged along the way. What damaged it? Vaccines, cow milk formulas? ABX for the ear infections and and and. Sure, of course a leaky gut is a root for allergies. So, we must heal the gut. This is why my protocol is so successful, we heal the gut.

5. In Turkey, the usual course of action for autism treatment involves a series of blood tests ordered by the physicans, only to be followed by a referral to a a special education centre. An important step of treatment is thus missed I believe, so no tangible results/improvements with the kids are seen. I wonder how the medical evaluation and treatment processes are like where you live, is it any different?

KERRI: The world is lost. Everyone is doing autism wrong. That is why it is a dismal diagnosis. The “experts” “doctors” and “professionals” have no clue why they have autism nor what to do with them. They don’t even look for answers. My protocol is a beacon of light for families around the world. Thanks for a few wonderful translators and publishers, the Turkish people will have the answers to their prayers. Help is on it’s way.

6. What was your autism journey like with your son,

KERRI: I have done everything and been everywhere. Only to find the simplicity and healing in CD and diet as a root to end the symptoms known as autism.

How did you feel when he first got the diagnosis

KERRI: My world ended…bliss was gone forever. I cried for years. It is still sad to see all of the needless human suffering in the name of greed and ignorance.

What type of treatments did he get and how is he doing at the moment?

KERRI: My son is excellent, he even has a girlfriend. I did everything that was available for autism recovery and nothing was of much good. But the things that produced the results were my protocol. But, I learned a lot about what doesn’t work before arriving to my conclusions. I knew no one else had the answers and that I needed to figure it out on my own. I did.

7. You have stated earlier that the CD-Autism Protocol helped improving your son’s autistic symptoms a lot, but have not got rid of them totally. Does this mean that the Protocol will deliver different results for each and every kid on it?

KERRI: There are more than 350 recoveries with my protocol.

So can we say that this Protocol is not a surefire way for total recovery for everybody?

KERRI: There is total recovery and living your highest best. If you ask 10 people about their health. You will find that probably 9 have health issues. Does that mean that they are not that an intervention to heal their issues is not worth it? I think we need to do everything we can for people we love who are living in a sub optimum health condition.

KERRI: Ever organism is different. We vary a lot from person to person. So, we will have different results even if we do the same thing. I do consults to try and troubleshoot how to get to where we want to be from here.

8. Can you tell us a bit about your CD-Autism Protocol? How long should you be on the protocol?

KERRI: Till health and healing is achieved.

Does someone with autism have to be on the protocol for life, or would he have to employ it in his life on an as-needed basis?

KERRI: We do the protocol till the health has been restored. And in some cases that is full recovery from autism.

9. The association between gut health and autism is well understood. Can we infer from this that if we heal the gut, the person would be cured of autism?

KERRI: In some cases yes.

10. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has cured her own son and many others with her GAPS diet, but there are also other kids who weren’t cured with this particular diet.

KERRI: Most do not recover on GAPS nor with diet alone. But, GAPS is a high fat and low carbohydrate diet which assists in healing the gut.

Can we say that we need a more wholistic approach encompassing the GAPS Diet . . .

KERRI: Correct, diet alone does not cure autism. But, it is a first step.

KERRI: I do not know of any protocol in the world today with the results like I am having. CD PROTOCOL is the beginning of the end of autism.

. . . the CD-Autism Protocol, special education, homeopathy and the like for autism treatment?

KERRI: I am a homeopath and find homeopathy to be almost worthless for healing the symptoms known as autism. Therapy can be very helpful to mold the person back into the typical world for them together with my protocol.

11. Once a child has established a healthy flora utilizing CD, and his autistic symptoms have thus disappeared, would he still be under the threat of a relapse of these symptoms later on in his life?

KERRI: Nope, my recoveries have gone on to have a full and wonderful, typical life. They are done.

Could people have a regression after losing their diagnosis?

KERRI: It has not been my experience.

12. When their kids are concerned people tend to have reservations about embarking on different (not so familiar) types of treatment plans, just like your CD-Autism Protocol. It is not well known in Turkey, yet. Few people know about its benefits, and the result it can deliver. On the other hand, we do not know what its effects would be on the human body, let’s say 50 years from now. As far as we know, there are no long term studies or any type of data on the long term effects of utilising CD, because it is so new.

KERRI: You don’t need a long term study on something that lasts 1 hour in the body and dissolves itself. It is over and not accumulated. You cannot cure anything with poison. Chemicals that are toxic do not have any cures from anything. We need to use logic and intelligence.

13. I have had a look at the diet recommended for the Protocol, and it seems almost impossible to follow if the kid is going to school in Turkey. We have been trying to do the GF/CF diet for my son for some time now, and honestly, we are really struggling to stick with it. Do you have any recommendations/tips for the families regarding the diet?

KERRI: Everyday we wake up and we have choices. The choice to continue down a path of destruction is an option. When someone has a diabetic child and they have to change the diet they do. When the doctor say you need to vaccinate or give antibiotics you do. So, why not do something to stop the destruction and begin the healing? Because it was hard?? Humanity has done the impossible as long as we walked the earth. Look at the great pyramids of Egypt. Do you think that was easy? Women birth babies every day. Not easy. But, we did it and continue to do it. So, choice is something we make everyday. I hope you make the right one today. You have to easy. I have paved the way. And the translators gave you a book, read it. Make the change to get your child healthy, again.

14. There are quite few legal food items on the Diet list, but fruit and grain consumption is discouraged. That leaves us with only vegetables and (animal) proteins.

KERRI: Wrong. FAT FAT FAT….you mentioned Natasha earlier. FAT is where we need to focus. Nothing is impossible. We need 50 to 70% of our caloric intake to be in fats.

. . . Wouldn’t it be quite difficult for the parents to devise a nourishing meal plan for their kid with only two main food categories?

KERRI: I think you are probably confused as to what nourishes the body. White flour and sugar are poison to humans yet most consume it daily. I think we need a re-education about diet. Just because you have eaten something all your life as well as your ancestors does not make it healthy. The human being is very resilient. So, we can consume things that are bad and live a long time. Unfortunately for our children with autism, they are sick and need only the healthiest food at this time in their life. We do not have 2 food categories. #1 fat, #2 protein, #3 vegetables, #4 nuts and seeds. This makes the most delicious and nutritious of meals.

15. Being on such a strict diet would surely negatively impact the kid’s (and the family’s) “social life” so to speak, they would have to refrain from going to birthday parties or other social gatherings

KERRI: Or they can bring foods and share them. That is more what I chose to do.

… So, yes, we are perhaps healing them on a physiological level, but what about the psychological impact of these constant reminders of what not to eat, all these restrictions and social isolation the kid has to suffer?

KERRI: The word autism comes from the Greek works AUTOS, meaning self. They are in their own world. This protocol bring them back to us. And the junky foods like bread and sugar keeps them AUTO/ or autistic. You choose.

Would, or in fact, could the kid be happy in such circumstances?

KERRI: Kids with autism are sick and many are in a state of chronic pain. All have inflammation. So, please tell me how they are happy and why does consuming junk food make a child in their own world happy?

16. Should we stay off gluten and casein even after full recovery?

KERRI: NO, if it were like that we would not call it recovery.

17. Along with the diet you recommend drinking (diluted) ocean water. Do you think drinking water with meals would adversely affect digestion (cause it would dilute the digestive juices in the stomach)?

KERRI: No, it is fine to take OW with meals

. . . Would you recommend taking in OW for healthy people as well?

KERRI: Yes, for sure. We all need minerals. And OW provides all the 90 minerals that we need. People are confused that we need vitamins. But, we actually need minerals. The minerals are 100% bioavailable in ocean water. Something that you cannot bottle.

18. The main purpose of using CD is to get rid of parasites. . . .

KERRI: No, that is not the main reason for using CD to cure autism. The CD kills all pathogens, neutralizes heavy metals and takes down inflammation in the body. CD will weaken parasites. However, the parasite protocol is indicated for killing parasites. Autism is not only parasites but all pathogens.

. . . but these parasites are everywhere; in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the soil we cultivate our food. Are we to constantly try and protect the kids then, shall we not even let them play with dirt for example?

KERRI: That helps to prevent reinfection.

19. Are stool tests required/recommended before starting this protocol?

KERRI: No. If testing were useful they would have figure out the cure for autism decades ago. Labs rarely if ever find parasites.

20. What is the main difference between taking conventional anthelmintic drugs and the action of CD?

KERRI: CD kills all pathogens and anthelmintics only kill parasites. CD neutralizes heavy metals and takes down over all inflammation as well as killing pathogens. All pathogens are not parasites but all parasites are pathogens.

KERRI: CD kills all pathogens. PP is for parasites. A pathogen is virus, bacteria, candida and parasites. Please don’t lose the focus and see only parasites. People think CD protocol is for parasites and that I think parasites cause autism. The immune system that is not work as it should will allow for a pathogen over growth. Thus we have a situation like autism. And we need to kill all pathogens not just parasites. But, you can see 4 or 5 types with the eyes. Most of the parasites you cannot see with the naked eye.

21. One of the most common questions raised about the CD-Autism Protocol is about its reservations put on probiotics. Why can we not take probiotics until the ATEC score falls below 30? Aren’t probiotics an absolute must for a healthy gut?

KERRI: The “friendly” flora from the probiotics will make it out of the intestine and into the blood where it is no longer friendly and it should not be there. We need to seal the leaky gut first by killing the pathogens and then we can begin to reestablish and rebuild the gut flora.

And considering the number and frequency of enemas given during the protocol, how is it possible for a total of 1.5 kgs of beneficial bacteria to ever get a hold on/colonise the colon?

KERRI: We are not working with a healthy gut. So, once you realize that the pathogen overgrowth is higher than anything good or friendly then this makes sense. And we prove it all the time by recovering autism.

22. I guess with the CD-Autism Protocol we eliminate Candida albicans and some other pathogenic bacteria in the gut flora. Can you tell us a bit about the composition of the flora after the protocol?

KERRI: Recovered kids are normal in every way. There is homeostasis when we are through, a perfect balance.

. . . What are the estimated ratios of the good and the bad bacteria in a CD treated gut, would the good bacteria get damaged in any way?

KERRI: CD is a positively charged molecule as are “good” gut flora. They repel each other. Pathogens have a negative charge are are drawn to the CD molecule and get destroyed.

23. Would doing so many enemas for so long adversely affect a kid’s sexual health?

KERRI: How???? Colonics and enemas have nothing to do with sex. As is douching for the woman. It has to do with cleaning not sex. Does washing a chest/breasts effect the sexuality of a person? No, of course not.

24. One other promising technique utilized for autism is the bioresonance therapy.

KERRI: How is it promising? No recoveries and does not kill pathogens causing autism. Unimpressive.

Do you have any experience with it?

KERRI: Of course. Anything that came around I tried and then asked everyone else who did there experience….and it is unimpressive.

What types of devices/tecniques/therapies have you personally tried for autism?

KERRI: Everything, just name it. Nothing works but what is in my protocol. Experience has served me well and saved the rest of you time and money.

25. As for prevention of autism, what would your advise be for young families considering to have a child?

KERRI: Western medicine is damaging our kids. I would avoid it.

26. What type of sports would you recommend for kids with the symptoms of autism?

KERRI: All the same that the rest of the family enjoys.

Do you find that sports and arts have a positive impact on their treatment?

KERRI: Yes, it is good for all human beings.

27. Right as I was typing in my last question to you, I saw a homeless little boy collecting paper from the streets, his bag is full of plastic bottles. Actually, I have quite a number of students whose living conditions are not very diferent from this; they are getting exposed to all the plastics, processed foods, the chemicals, all thre nasty stuff you can imagine. Surely there are those among them who fall ill, but many are not. This makes me think, the same nasties do not afflict everbody at the same rate? We are all different, the state of our immune system and our metabolism is different. People who try to avoid all these environmental pollutants/factors (including me) are definetely more stressed out then these people who simply do not care. Would all this stress damage our overall health just as much as the environmental toxins we are trying to avoid do you think?

KERRI: When I see a poor child cleaning the street I think of all of the bacteria and parasites on the hands and that go into the mouth. Not washing our hands is the beginning of the spread of disease and illness. It is very basic.

28. What other ailments/diseases can be cured with the CD-Autism Protocol?

KERRI: If I told you all would you roll your eyes?

29. There are thousands of families on your protocol . . .

KERRI: Probably more than 100,000

. . . from all around the globe, and you are costantly taking in (FB, email) questions, and you are doing consults with families… How do you find the time and energy for all this?

KERRI: The desire to make a difference catapults me out of bed in the morning. I don’t do much else besides work and family. I do not watch TV etc.

. . . Surely the positive feedback you are getting would make you feel good, but what is the motivation for all the work you are doing?

KERRI: You have no idea how fulfilling my work is to me.

30. What should the families who recognise autistic traits in their kids do, where should they start?

KERRI: With diet. That is the beginning of the end of autism. Get my protocol. Start.

Where can people interested in doing your CD-Autism Protocol find more information about it, and how can they reach you?

KERRI: [email protected]

KERRI: Thank you